Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Twenty Things...

This post began on another bulletin board, and I thought it was pretty damn cool.

Twenty Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't:

1.) had a racoon as a pet.been badly bitten by a pet raccoon and didn't get rabies shots or rabies.
2.) had a ball given to me from my grandfather made from the bladder of a pig. It lasted about a day and a half.
3.) driven 90mph in the middle turning lane of a 45mph zone for 20 minutes and didn't get pulled over so I could witness the birth of my son.
4.) consumed the mudder (mutter?) sediment from the bottom of a jug of homemade wine and got lost in the spirit realm for several hours before vomiting near every pine tree in camp.
5.) Met The Cure before their concert in Philadelphia.
6.) Swam in the public fountains of Logan Circle in Philadelphia. At two in the morning. With 40 oz. of cheap malt liquor.
7.) killed rats the size of chihuahas in Love Park in Philadelphia by throwing d-cell batteries and .40 oz beer bottles. The homeless people kept pointing them out to us and were psyched we were doing it. Evidently it didn't feel that great when they chewed on them while they were sleeping.
8.) shot multiple mice from over eight feet away with a blowdart gun. (I don't have a problem with rodents.. okay, well maybe I do)
9.) Re-built a house with my father while holding my business, personal life, and my sanity (well, okay, maybe that didn't hold up) together.
10.) hopped the construction fence and climbed a skyscraper still in concrete and steel girder stage. Then took a piss off the edge of one of the upper floors. Just because.
11.) been best friends with the same three guys for close to 20 years.
12.) participated in an egg fight in the woods during the middle of the night.
13.) threw up out of a passenger side window while on the highway. Sloe gin in case you were wondering.
14.) learned how to throw a tomahawk
15.) came within inches of having my head crushed by the rear wheel of a hay wagon.
16.) Been to four weddings where the groom and three of the other best men all switched places. **refer to #11
17.) Found a dead four foot iguana in a garbage can.
18.) Paid over $600 for a book
19.) Flipped my middle fingers skyward more than five times in the same day.
20.) Rode a pig bareback.

What's your list?


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