Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Path of the Insane and Righteous (continued)

All right kids... I was going to fill you in on a fun little email exchange with William McClean who apparently has twisted his religious attitude to focus on delivering high and mighty anti-gay bullshit emails... and I'd have included my responses to him that had to do with him sexually entertaining a sheep and some midgets while he drink sacramental wine from the ass of a stuffed chipmunk.

BUT... little Willie decided not to continue to play. I admit... I couldn't help myself and got carried away replying to his second email in which he recounted members of his family who gave away the Hope Diamond, an uncle who was the Attorney General for the Austrian Empire in 1938, and a particular sordid tale of William himself being nine years old and living at the Los Angeles Foster Care where he says he was seduced by two seven year olds.

William is now 69 years old and apparently rip-roaring-right the fuck out of his twisted little brain.

The last response I received from him today was letting me know that he was ending this "unprofitable communication" and closing his ISP account.

Mission. Fucking. Accomplished.

I've got no tolerance for idiots like this who have no tolerance for however people want to live their life... and even less tolerance for people like this who send emails to me out of the blue spouting it off... AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

One more mouth that rattles and prattles and spouts off verbal idiocy... removed from the net and next seen at your local bus stop or subway ride. He'll be that guy mumbling to himself in the corner and conducting the 7th Street Pigeon Orchestra to the funny little music playing in his own mind.