Sunday, September 29, 2013

A thank you to my readers... and the scariest thing I've ever written.

As a thank you to all my readers, for the next 5 days, I'm offering my debut novella, Samson and Denial, for FREE on Kindle

(There's also a sneak peek of my novel The Compound in this edition). 

Writers write — plain and simple. There's no choice in the matter... it's simply who we are. But amazing readers like you make the difference in so many more ways than you'll ever know. So thank you... from the bottom of my cold, black heart. Hope you enjoy meeting Samson Gallows.


I've written scenes of ghostly children haunting with pure vengeance in their hearts. I've written about zombies tearing people limb from limb. Russian gangsters feeling the evil wrath of long dead kings.

But nothing I've ever written is as scary and thrilling as becoming a new father.

My latest book is called Bob's Book of Baby Madness and it's the real life guy's guide to becoming a new father.

Learn about the the fatal things to NEVER say to a pregnant mother.

Read about Lactatious, god of large breasts. Hormonal changes and why you may or may not need a barrel of holy water.

Why it's suddenly your job to take over the kitty litter - for the mother of your child and the baby itself.

Crucial things you'll need to buy (that you probably never knew existed). 

Learn the difference between a father and a dad... and why, with the Mt. Everest pile of diapers, the long nights of broken sleep and everything in between, why all of it is so very worth it.

Irreverent and humorous but full of useful information, if you know a father to be, go tell them check out the Kindle edition of Bob's Book of Baby Madness here. It's the Real Life Guy's Guide for Expectant Fathers.


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