Friday, April 01, 2005

Ode to Caffeine

I have a very strong fear that I've burned out my caffeine receptors. Last night I drank four cups of coffee and fell asleep at the keyboard. Of course, it could have something to do with the marathon work session I've been dealing with.

Regardless... had to mention this...

One of my recent joys had to do with my son who will turn 2 in July. My wife does not like hard music. No Nine Inch Nails. No Alice in Chains. No SoundGarden.

Which is why I play it for him on the way to daycare. Because he enjoys it. We have our own little thrash session in the truck while we drive and he does a bout of headbanging in his car seat and gets him pumped up for his day. It's a fun little routine.

Two days ago I got a copy of Ozzy Osbourne's version of Mississippi Queen (which, incidentally, is an excellent cover), burned it, and abso-fucking-lutely CRANKED IT on the stereo. The fish were hiding behind their plastic coral reef. The cats peeked from behind pillows. The dogs ran like wild hyenas in the shadow of a rogue elephant.

And my children and I made a mosh pit in the living room.

Have you ever seen a 1 and a half year old mosh? He began head banging and throwing his arm out, pointing in an angry Public Enemy style, and then bum rushing right into me.

My wife, upon coming into the livingroom to see why it sounded as if the voice of God was speaking in the house and then witnessing our little event, commented that it probably isn't such a great idea to teach him how to mosh as he may cause a riot of midgets at daycare when they start playing Elmo music in the afternoons and he starts moshing into the other children.

I happen to think it's great practice for life.


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