Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Devil's Wine and other notes...

Many months ago I bought Cemetery Dance's hardback of Tom Piccirilli's "The Devil's Wine." For anyone who is not familiar with it, it's a collection of poetry from Pic himself, and including Bradbury, King, Straub Ketchum, and on and on... all incredibly talented writers.

I've kept it close to my desk, and while the printer is printing or I'm making pdfs or uploading files into the ether of the net, I'll read a page or two.

Aside from Pic's extraordinary talent, Jack Ketchum's poems are just truly amazing. Keep in mind that although there are some dark poems in here, they definitely aren't all horror. There are some lines from Ketchum's poems that just stick in your cranium like a chickenbone.

I'd post a few of them... but most of the writers can come up with very interesting ways to dismember me for violating copyright issues, so I think I'll just tell you to go buy the book.

After chewing on plot issues that I thought I'd corrected in my script, Lower Levels, I've decided to put it aside and let my subconscious stew on it for a while. The problems have taught me a valuable lesson however... at least at this stage of writing scripts, it is essential for me to outline them otherwise I'll wander off into a swampy area and discover I'm in a pit of quicksand. I haven't given up on it yet... hell it's over 2/3's of the way done and I'm sure I can figure it out.

While those knots are being untied, I've made great headway on another script however. It's not a complex story. Instead, just a good ol' fashioned twisted redneck tale.

Maybe it's just my family tree, but I'm finding this one ridiculously easy to put down on paper.


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