Sunday, November 20, 2005

Random Updates

Lots o' stuff going on. Ad work is still ridiculously busy. Word of mouth referrals are still alive and well.
Finished reading Patrick Lestewka's (his real name is Craig Davidson, and believe me, you'll want to remember that name) novel, The Preserve. What a kick ass debut! I absolutely LOVED the characterization of the group of Black Ops/Special Forces guys. Very well done. He's got a new collection out now called Rust and Bone, and I ordered it up as soon as I put The Preserve down.
You can find out more about Craig here: That's his book tour blog and it's pretty damn funny.

Doing some work for the guys at Insidious Reflections; working on the cover design for their upcoming issue. Also just finished an ad for the newest release by J.F. Gonzalez: Survivor. It's coming out in January, I think, from Leisure.

Current reads:
Myla Goldberg's Bee Season
Tom Monteleone's Fearful Symmetries

Most Listened to music lately:
Johnny Cash: Murder
Bruce Springsteen: Devils & Dust
Rolling Stone 500
My Best Friend's favorite list. He's the bald dude over there in that photo.

Latest Fantasy:
My daughter's kindergarten teacher

Most fucked up recent realization:
I COMPLETELY forgot how to draw a cursive, capital "Q" and had to go look it up. And let's be honest here... does it realllly look like a Q? No. It looks like the mutant offspring of an inbred cursive O and the number 2.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did manage to enjoy myself one evening this weekend, I went to see Bee Season. Wonderful! I am actually looking forward to seeing it again when it comes to DVD, because much like "What the #$! Do We (K)now!?", I know that there is even more depth to pick up on the second time around. Some of my favorite parts are the unspoken communication between the brother and sister. The little girl in it is wise beyond her years. I highly recommend it, as soon as you finish the book.

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