Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Halloween Treat

A little Flash Fiction... since it IS my favorite month...

Baby's Breath

She held the baby close, feeling its warmth. She pulled away the last button on her blouse to let its tender skin come in contact with hers. It moved puckered lips against the small of her neck, made a wet gurgle and she smiled. She closed her eyes and reveled in the details of the moment. It’s heart beat, strong and rapid. The sound of its breathing, soft as butterfly wings. The touch of unblemished flesh and feathery hair. Scent of diapers and powder. Even more subtle, the odor of the umbilical cord blackening in a crimped curl.

And the gentle, sour smell of its breath.

She wondered if the baby’s mother wondered where it was yet.


Blogger Joseph Mulak said...

Interesting piece. You totally went the opposite way I was expecting. Awesome job.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil, heart chilling evil.

10:35 PM  

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