Saturday, July 17, 2004

Twenty years of Fisching

It's been two decades since Bobby Fischer disappeared and yesterday he was arrested by Japanese immigration officers on charges of trying to leave the country without a valid passport.

He is 61 years old and faces charges of violating US economic sanctions against the former Yugoslavia by playing an exhibition match in 1992. He has been in exile from the US since he was indicted later that year by a federal grand jury for violating the sanctions.

The UN imposed sanctions against Yugoslavia for supporting Serbian aggression in Bosnia, and the US banned its citizens from doing business there.

Fischer had received a letter of warning against doing the match and ignored it; to the point of spitting on the letter which was written during a news conference.
For twenty years, Fischer has been travelling and living in places like Germany, Phillippines, and Switzerland and was on his way to the Phillippines again when he was detained. Two years of real life chess.

Let me repeat this part, because... oh, I don't know... it sounds sort of IMPORTANT; he is being charged for playing an EXHIBITION MATCH in 1992.

wtf is wrong with our government?

If Fischer is extradited back to the US, he should take a full chess set and jam it up the asses of the people who warned him in the first place, the take the chessboard and fold it up into a sharply pointed shape and widen a few other orifices that need widening.


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