Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Driveby Updates

Tending Gardens is on the Way, but here's a driveby update:

Recent Music:
NIN: Year Zero. The Downward Spiral still remains my favorite, but Year Zero is pretty amazing. Favorite tracks include Vessel, My Violent Heart, Zero Sum, and The Warning. Once I dig into the lyrics a little deeper, my opinion might upgrade a notch.

Modest Mouse: Dead Before the Boat Sank.
Eclectic, odd, and strangely exciting. One of their best, imho.

Eagles of Death Metal: Death By Sexy AND Peace Love Death Metal
Kickass ratings for both of these. Some of the strangest shit I've heard in a while, and the whole reason I got hooked in was because I heard about their track "Midnight Creeper" and how the video was banned. Of course, you can find it on You Tube. =)

Recent Movies:
Alpha Dog
Brutal true story of Jesse James Hollywood, one of the youngest ever on the FBI most wanted list. The only big name is Justin Timberlake in it, and he does a hell of a job, much better than I expected him to. The remaining cast are faces you've seen, but it might take you a few beats to recognize. Whether you know the story or not, it doesn't change the ominous feeling you have as the ending gets closer.

Recent Reads:
Nothing that's published... YET. But I know it will be. =)

Current projects:
Busting my ass for a story that's got a deadline creeping up very soon...
...and evidently, my muse has been laying bricks and mortar behind my back... building a foundation for her own little world. You've met some of the characters already... and you'll meet more soon enough.

be good,


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