Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Horrible Saturday - August 11, 2010

This Saturday, at the York Emporium (aka the world's coolest freakin bookstore) there'll be shenanigans. There'll be good times. There'll be readings and signings and a SCREAM contest.

Kelli Owen will be reading from her novel to be released later this year.

I'll be reading some short fiction and there'll be Q & A and good times.

York Emporium
Saturday, August 14, 2010
10am – 6pm

Events Schedule:

10:30 NOEL SLOBODA, professor at Penn State-York is dramaturg for the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company. He is the author the poetry collection Shell Games (2008) as well as two chapbooks: Of Things Passed (2010) and Stages (2010). He will read some of his original speculative poetry that has appeared in such places as Tales of the Talisman, Scifaikuest, Niteblade, Illumen, and Ghostlight.

11:30 SCOTT BUTCHER is an old friend of The York Emporium. We have been privileged in the past to welcome him for signings of some of his latest books. He is an author, playwright and accomplished photographer, and an architectural historian who has been known to lead walking tours of downtown York. He will regale us with tales pulled from his published work, Spooky York.

12:30 GORGO. Before there were Transformers…before there was Godzilla…there was Gorgo. This 1961 film is one of the forgotten giants of the monster movie realm. You will see London as you never have before. Free popcorn. And, perhaps, the willies.

2:00 BOB FORD, to all outward appearances, is a mild-mannered advertising guru. But he has a secret life. He spends his evenings devising plots and planning murder and mayhem. He is good enough at it to have had a number of his short stories published in major metropolitan…well, major monthly magazines. He also has several screenplays bouncing around Hollywood, and several bouncing around his head. He will be bouncing all these off us, and the walls.

3:00 HORROR 101. Joe & Gail Galusha know whereof they will speak. Collectors extraordinaire of funeralia (they own a fleet of vintage hearses) and the macabre, this husband-and-wife team will present the fun side of torture and death. With prizes.

4:00 KELLI OWEN is one of the up-and-comers in the genre of horror fiction. A resident of Central Pennsylvania, Kelli has published several fiction and nonfiction pieces over the years. In 2010 she is slated to be published with three anthologies, four short stories, an article and her debut novel In the Shadow of Darkness. She will be reading from her novel, answering questions and taking names.

5:00 SCREAMING CONTEST! It is getting to be a tradition! Our third annual Screaming Contest for braggin’ rights to the title of Best Screamer in York County comes complete with a $50 Gift Certificate to The York Emporium. A howling good time is guaranteed for all.

So, if you're in downtown York this weekend... if your Saturday consists of nothing but sitting on the couch, get off your duff and come on down to the Emporium. It'll be fun. It'll be entertaining. It'll be HORRIBLE!


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