Friday, September 03, 2010

All sorts of chewy goodness

Between dealing with this economy and the advertising business in general, a gypsy that got into a car accident, and a myriad of other insanity, I've been sorely lacking in blog posts.

BUT, to give you an update on some very cool things...

Headed to HorrorFind Weekend in Gettysburg later today. Kelli Owen will be doing a reading this evening at 7:30 pm and unveiling some exciting news she's been bursting to tell.

I'll be reading on 11:00 am on Sunday accompanying Kevin Lucia and Sheldon Higdon.

Later today, there'll be fun and shenanigans with Greg Hall on The Funky Werepig podcast. Tune in at 1:00 (if you have one of those day jobs where they crack the whip on such a thing, don't worry - it'll be archived so you can check it out later).

And lastly, I'm the Spotlight Scribe on Choate Road this month. Check the site out and read my story Bloodlegum and Lolliknives - a very rare short story that was previously published in the limited New Dawn chapbook given only to Brian Keene's board members as a Christmas gift.

Hope you to see you all at HorrorFind!

(Insanity is slowly dying down... more great updates after this weekend)


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