Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Among the Dead

There are corpses around me from where I sit, their black and crunchy skin glistening like wet coal.

I hate crickets. Those little fuckers chirp their high-pitched Michael Jackson on helium chirps trying to attract a mate and in the process, it's like a leprechaun icepick plunging into the center of my brain every time. For the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to winter so the cold will stiffen their little prickly limbs up and kill them off.

But I digress.

Lots of stuff going on lately - the Mayor of Grumpyville is continuing to campaign for all he's worth. I've got a screenplay off to another competition and am waiting for an answer on the Undead Anthology where I've submitted "Pleasing Marlena."

"Bloodlines" has been accepted at New Camp Horror.
My first sale, "Of All Evil" was to - which apparently, has folded, and so I am pushing that short elsewhere.

The projects I'm actively working on are thus:

Short Stories:
Free Ride Angie (this character just wouldn't shut up, so I decided to sit down and listen - it was well worth it and I just need to figure out how to retell her tale)
The Dream Phoenix (this started as a very short children's book, but is expanding nicely)
Happy the Man (working title for now, horror screenplay)

The projects I've set aside are too numerous to mention, but I had to focus on a maximum of three projects at one time or I was going to go more insane than I already am.

Most men live lives of quiet desperation.
- Henry David Thoreau


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