Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Shotgun Rant

What sort of fucking cosmic rabbit hole did I fall through that enables me to deal with stupid people all the time? I'm telling you... each time I think I've reached the threshold... the champion of all idiots... someone else comes along to take the gold and raise the bar for the next person. And lately, it's coming in waves... way too many to even single out an example. Are you shitting me? Isn't there some Lee Harvey Somebody with a rifle out there interested in these people? Really?

And while I'm at it... let's sidestep for a brief moment into religion. (Yes, I know... I travel this road often. A friend of mine recently said I have issues on religion... well no shit).

If one of your kids did something wrong, you'd punish them, right? Time outs, spankings, waving the gun around... whatever is your parental method of correcting your children.

Now, having said that... after you've doled out the punishment... let's fast forward a bit. Your child is now an adult... with children of their own... YOUR grandchildren. Upon first seeing the little pink newborn, would you punish them all over again for what YOUR child had done years and years ago?


Okay.. let's go on... you're old. Decrepid. Your grandchildren have grown, and now have kids of THEIR own. Would you try to punish all of them again for what YOUR kid did?


Ridiculous, isn't it? That generations of your offspring would receive punishment through their innocence for something they had no connection with.

And yet... millions (billions?) of christians buy into this and agree that.. yes.. Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge and on and on, and blah-blah-fuckin-blah.

This is the sort of shit that gives me fuel to stay awake and work at night.

That and angry music.

just how damaged have I become?
when i think I can overcome,
it runs even deeper.



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