Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Hats

One of my best friends recently reminded me of a quote that an old acquaintance of ours said. When you get to a spot where the hat you're wearing just doesn't seem to fit anymore, then maybe it's time to put on a new hat.

So... I'm sportin' a new hat.

I knew this year was going to be a year of enormous, massive change... and I know damn well this year's not over yet, not by a long shot. But wow, what a tornado it's been. It's all right though... there's another saying about sunshine always following rain.

I've been plunking down words lately like a little kid pushing food around on his plate. Nowhere near as many as I'd like to be writing because the debris is still falling all around me and right now it demands my attention.

Another of my best friends told me that I should dig deep for my story material... he knows there's something else in there I need to tell. I agree with him... for fuck's sake, he's right about everythng else, why wouldn't he be right about this? Like any writer, in all of my stories there's threads of me woven in the fabric. But to dig deep... to reveal the core of yourself wholly and completely... to expose yourself... that's some scary shit to attempt. It's an intimate dialogue between you and the reader. Hell, I'll be the first to admit, I like my stone walls up... I like the protection they offer, but I have to admit they also keep a distance from the other side too.

So all right then... admist the fecal storm I'm in right now, I'll take a section of the wall down for a while. Don't bitch about it later if you decide to walk into my garden. There's beautiful flowers there to be sure... but there are other things too. Things that snap and bite and draw blood if you get too close.

Current Read:
Offspring by Jack Ketchum. Amazing. He's the leanest writer I've read. There's literally no fat in the book.

Current Music:
Personal burned cd

The Sleeping World's demo trax. (This group is from the Lancaster PA area, and have played at McCleary's. They kick much ass and you can find out more about them by visiting their MySpace page by clicking here. There are downloadable songs in mp3, and if you check their blog section, you can read the lyrics... Jessica Smucker Falcon is the lead, and she's amazing. Autumn Lullaby... whew. They're unsigned... right now.

A Fine Frenzy... only one track right now, Almost Lover... but the rest of the cd should be released shortly.

White Stripes, Icky Thump Mmmhmmm. Good stuff.

Recent Infatuation:
Nachos and salsa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the flowers late in the night. I think they may be starting to push through the weeds. They are unstopable...and wonderful.

There are cemetaries everywhere, even in NC..... Maybe Sunday morning will be here soon.

9:02 AM  

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