Sunday, January 28, 2007

snap back to reality... oh, there goes gravity

I hate hospitals.

I can't stand the clinical antiseptic smells. The gleaming waxed floors in the hallways. The sound of the stainless steel food carts being shepherded around at feeding time.

I can't stand the facial expressions you see in the people in the waiting rooms or outside on their cel phones. They're so full of sorrow and hollow desperation like some sort of panicked rat eating away at any remaining hope and faith they have left.

But most of all I can't stand the shadows there.

The overhead fluorescents reach into every far corner of the hospital except for certain areas; the rooms in the wings of the hospital that are more quiet than others.

The rooms where people don't go to get healed.

Those rooms have shadows that don't go away.

And sometimes, if you try to leave, they follow you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

EXACTLY! I have never had my hate/fear of hospitals so eloquently put into words. But then you are always doing that for me, aren't you?

I'd rather give Pennywise a big kiss on the mouth than go to a hospital.

Unfortunately, we don't get a choice when things go that bad. Just leave the shadows behind.

11:43 AM  

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