Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Path of the Insane and Righteous

Alllll right boys and girls... each of you pull up a chair and sit closer because there's a lesson to be learned here.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I've got a particular stance when it comes to religion... but to each his own. Believe in God, Allah and little green forest fairies... if it works for ya, and you're not blowing anyone up in the pursuit of your beliefs, then more power to ya.

However when I receive an email out of the blue as such as the following in my email inbox...

Both you and Bryan have made a terrible mistake. In fact, most of the world has made the same mistake. God created man and woman to enjoy love and sex - and everything else with each other. It is Satan who created disease and death. Just look at your body and deny that this is exactly how God created you. Don’t you see? God created you to enjoy life on every level of your being. It is Satan who is making sex and love seem to be evil. Satan made all the STD’S. It is Satan who created AIDS. It is Satan who created war. Yes, almost all so called Christians have it wrong.

Please help me to spread this truth.

I am Bill McLean

Now.. here's the thing, boys and girls... I don't know Bill McLean. Nor do I know any Bryan. I know a 'Brian" but somehow I get the idea that if Bill McClean approached him recently with bullshit like this, he'd be buried in the woods somewhere.

So... learning from my past experiences with Mary and my blog post, The Chipmunk Rigor, which ended all too abruptly for my taste, I'm taking my time forming my response to dear old Bill.

I don't really want to scare him away... he has to be treated like reeling in a marlin... but on the other hand... this is too good to pass up.

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe in Faeries!
*Clapping Hands*

11:51 AM  

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