Thursday, November 11, 2004

Let the Body Get Cold First

I'm not against Christmas.
Ask me my thoughts on religion and chances are fairly decent that you'll get something you won't like. Especially if you're among the people who get up early on Sundays to sit on oak picnic benches and listen to interpretations of the Bible.
But the corpse isn't even cold from Halloween yet.
My house hasn't even begun to carry that sweet, caramelized sugar, crispy skinned turkey smell yet.
And here's Santa Claus, sticking his nose-like-a-cherry out already.
Stacks, STACKS I tell you, of catalogs and inserts, and sales sheets stuffed into my mailbox, and newspaper. Can't even watch the frigging evening news without a tv spot for Mermaid Barbie or Christmas Barbie or Crackwhore Barbie during the commercial break.
Can't I just go to my backyard, sacrifice a goat or some other barnyard animal and build a bonfire?


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