Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Quick update

Of All Evil is up now at: for their Christmas issue.

My short Bluebottle Summer is posted at and has been getting a lot of attention lately. Since second week of October, 214 people have checked it out.

Lurking around some message boards and came across a contact for an agent... the Reader's Digest version of what happened is that she asked for some loglines/summaries of my script The Pink Room, and what else I was working on. She's been getting a lot of requests for horror scripts lately, and on average 5 - 10 leads from production companies a week (not just horror, but all genres) and after reading what I'm currently writing (script adaptation of Bluebottle Summer, and after that, a medical thriller called Lower Levels) she wants to be my agent. We'll see what develops here.

ffft ffft.


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