Friday, June 20, 2008

A Rose from My Garden

No real secret that I've been in something of a writing funk for the last few months but have been working my way back out of it. I'd been breaking the cardinal rule of abusing the muse and it took me far too long to realize it wasn't working.

So I changed pace. Modified my patterns. Adapted.

Recently I gave my Muse a rose from my garden. The question I heard whispered back was "Am I still your Muse?"

I've been working on Samson and Denial (I know... I hear you all groaning in the back of the room. It's coming along a lot more slowly than I'd ever possibly imagined, but it'll be worth the wait). Wrote a script treatment for a romance-comedy (again with the groans... yes, not my normal type of thing, but circumstances are what they are and it needed to be done), and last week my Muse returned my rose back to me in the form of an entire novel outline I'm calling Crimson River.

Crimson River is very different from what I normally would approach, but my Muse knows best and apparently it's what I need to get the train back on track so I'm listening to her.

I'll be working on that and a screenplay until they're done, then get my hands dirty while they age a bit and finish Samson and Denial and Big Stakes Jackie. Have to limit my projects or else I definitely fear getting lost. My "Ramblings" file of ideas, brain farts and snippets of stories, dialogues and ideas is an 80 page file that's akin to that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana finds that government warehouse of all the wooden crates. But I'll get to them all eventually.

And Muse? Yes, you're still my muse. You've always been my Muse... even before I know what that meant. An endless well of inspiration and spirit and faith that if I just continue on and push through, it'll all be okay.

P.S. I did find out where that damn suitcase of money came from... but you're all going to have to wait.

Recent Reads:
Kill Whitey, Brian Keene. Can't say enough about this one. Fast paced, well written... the only thing that stopped me from finishing it in a single sitting was going out of town to New York City.

Jack Canfield's Key to Living the Law of Attraction. Pretty interesting read, but didn't cover a lot of ground already covered in other books of the same vein.

Recent Movies: Mr. Bean goes on Holiday and... and... that's about it.

Current Music... various.. though I'm itching for something new.

Current Infatuations: Summer Squeeze and Texas Hold 'em


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Weezer's new Red Album is worth a listen ... I can picture your wee-man thrashing about to track 2.

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