Saturday, September 06, 2008


I re-read these lyrics that I posted a link to recently... and the song's so damn good even after all this time, that it's been running through my mind ever since. The memory of it takes me back to buying the cd soundtrack of Singles and a summer where I didn't have a care in the world. I was working at a shitty job that I busted my ass at, but didn't have much stress. I was early into my relationship with my soon-to-be wife. It wasn't too long before that I'd finished the final draft of a never-to-be-released novel with a co-writer who vanished off the face of the Earth. But that didn't matter because I was optimistic and hopeful for the future. It was the summer of me sitting on a mountain top around a fire, at a lonely little cabin among a gathering of friends, drunk off my ass and closing my eyes as I nodded my head to Mother Love Bone's Chloe Dancer as it echoed off the oaks and pines.

Music takes me away. Doesn't it you?

Drown - Smashing Pumpkins
No matter where you are
I can still hear you when you drown
You've traveled very far
Just to see you I'll come around
When I'm down
All of those yesterdays
Coming around

No matter where you are
I can still hear you when you dream
You traveled very far
You traveled far, like a star
And you are
All of those yesterdays
Coming around

Is it something someone said?
Was it something someone said?

Yesterday the sky was you
And I still feel the same
Nothing left for me to do
And I still feel the same

I wish, I wish I could fly
I wish, I wish I could lie
I will, I will try
I will, I will

I'm tattered and bruised from the last couple of weeks in more ways than a few.
A friend of mine told me I looked pretty stressed yesterday. Hmmm. The weight of years my friend... the weight of years.

Very much looking forward to Context in a few weeks. Heading up there with JF Gonzalez and I'm sure it'll be a blasty-blast. Plus, I get to see my slave-driver and partner in crime, Kelli Dunlap. Keene will be there too. Ohio is doomed. Hide the sheep and lock up the cigar bars, we're on our way.

Current Reads:
About fifty pages away from finishing Lee Thomas' The Dust of Wonderland. Have been so busy I've had to schedule bodily functions, let alone read much. And a great little expanded tale from Kelli Dunlap. (yes... you'll have notes!!)

Recent Movies:
hmm... yeah. Uhm... I watched Enter the Ninja last wednesday, laughed at how ridiculous Sho Kosugi was in it, and how cool I thought that was in my early teens. Other than that.. nothing.

Recent Infatuations:
Coffee and.. coffee. No use posting anything else.

Recent Music:
Went old school and have been listening to old Public Enemy and D.O.C. Oh, and a kickass release that my friend Tim turned me onto - One day as a Lion from the Rage Against the Machine crew. Short and sweet as a bar fight.

A meatier post is on the way. I need to recharge my batteries.
be good,


Blogger Kelli Owen said...

drink the coffee, finish the notes, dream about context later... =))

11:50 AM  

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