Wednesday, June 25, 2008


came across this posted anonymously and thought it was pretty cool:

I am your brother - a part of the human collective. You can meet me, shake my hand, hug me, kiss me, fall in love with me, hate me, fuck me, shoot me, and love me again. We can share stories, we can unfold ourselves, reveal our innermost fears and desires, talk about music, about the world, about our pasts, about ourselves. I may know you for two seconds or I may know you for a hundred years. We may be enemies or friends, lovers or strangers. But you, my brothers, my sisters, my parents and children, you will never know me, nor I you. It is the one true bond between us, and it keeps us apart as the ocean divides up the lands. Forever, no matter what, we will always be apart, and although you may gaze in my eyes until the stars shatter, you shall never know the mind behind those eyes, nor the heart that, like and unlike yours, hopes in vain for the comfort of knowing that somewhere in the universe, there is another one just like you.

This is our secret.


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