Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tattoos and Dead Men

It's late as I write this... well, to be honest, sort of average for me. It's 12:45 and of course I'm still up. This year, I'm doing the exact same thing I did last year at this time... I had a glass of wine and went out in the cemetery earlier to watch the fireworks go off on all surrounding sides of the hillside I live on. Those of you who know me, know that the hillside I speak of happens to be a cemetery. It's peaceful there and I've walked there countless times in the dead of night. Aside from a close call with a skunk and a near hit-and-run with a pissed off doe, I've never felt threatened there.

But I just got back from walking around moments ago. While I was walking - speaking out dialogue to myself for a story I'm working on; not at all uncommon for me - I saw headlights pull into the north side of the cemetery. Thinking it may be a cop wondering what sort of freak would be walking around a cemetery this time of night, I sidestepped and went among the graves themselves to disappear.

The car pulled in and cut its lights and after a few moments, I saw a thin LED flashlight bobbing around, going row to row. Searching.

I hid behind a mausoleum, sipping wine and watching the entire time. There were two figures there walking around, talking quietly with each other, though I couldn't make out any of the words.

After a few minutes, I felt they were getting too close and I skirted along the ridgeline of trees and made my way back home.

And all the time, my muse was kicking into overdrive.

Thinking about what would make someone go into a cemetery this time of night to search for something. What would be that important?

I also thought about how long a tattoo would survive on a dead man's skin.

A tattoo of a map that would lead someone to a shitload of dirty money.

And once that map was dug up again... would there be two people getting back in the car... or would the grave hold the bodies of two people instead?


Hope you're all enjoying your Holiday weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ideas of all sorts are running around in my head ... What colors of tattoo pigment would show the best over time, what skin types would hold the ink best, and what about the new UV tatt ink that only shows up under black light. Hmmm, I really hope this one doesn't get lost in your 'Ramblings' file.

3:27 AM  

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